British Airways Seat Selection


How to select a seat at British Airways

It is better to select your seat early if you do not want to sit separately from your family members or friends. If a child is traveling with you under 12 years, the airline will automatically put your seat together, but if the child is over 12 years, they are marked as an adult, and chances are they may sit separately. British Airways can change or select your seat as per your choice.

British Airways seat selection policy :

  • You can select your seat till 1 hour before the plane departure.
  • If you choose an exit row seat, there are some conditions you must fulfill.
  • No charges will be applied if you change your seat within your class before 24 hours.
  • If you change your seat after 24 hours, charges will be applied. The fewer hours left before the flight's departure, the more charges will be applied.

How do I select my seat on British Airways?

 From the time of booking, the first cabin seats are always free to choose though the price may differ if you upgrade your class. Here are the steps you can use to change your seat :

  • Open the British Airways app or website.
  •  Click on the Manage Booking option.
  • Enter the necessary details.
  • Under the 'Seating' option, click on the view or change your flight seat and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • You can also see the price on the screen after you have selected your seat. Though charges may differ regarding the class you are traveling in. You have to pay the difference if you upgrade your class.

 No charge for a Disabled person 

Because of your disability, if you require any specific seating arrangement, there is no charge for you. You can easily select your seat through Manage my booking and contact the airlines for any impairment. These are the steps you need to do :

  • First, book your flight.
  • Tell at least 48 hours before the flight departs your travel needs airlines through the 'Manage my booking' and 'Seating' options.
  • Select your seat and contact the airlines for any help.

Refund if you do not get your selected seat.

Paid seating is not guaranteed. If the airline cannot offer you the seat you have paid for, you can ask for a better alternative or claim your refund when you board your flight.

How to Contact British Airways 

If you have any problem with British Airways seat selection or any other query, you can contact British airways customer service, and they will help you resolve your issue. There are many ways through which you can get British airways, such as :

By Call -

Calling is the best and fastest option to solve your problem as you can ask them directly and get a response within seconds. You can call on 0124 412 0715, and you will be connected to British Airlines.

By Email -

You can also contact British Airways through the mail. Write your problem and provide the necessary details, and a customer service executive will revert or contact you to solve your problem.