How do I speak to someone at Edinburgh Airport?


How do I contact Edinburgh Airport?

To book flights, we compare the prices of different airlines so that we can purchase cheaper tickets. Passengers should be aware of the details like terms and conditions attached to their tickets and the airport used by the airline for the arrival and departure of their flight. And all the services and facilities are offered by the airport. For convenience and to make the journey smoother. If your flight takes off or lands at Edinburgh Airport and needs special assistance. How do I book airport assistance at Edinburgh Airport? Your problem is resolved here to guide you to avoid any further issues. 

 How do I speak to someone at Edinburgh Airport?

Flyers can contact Edinburgh Airport phone number +44 (0)131 357 6337 to speak to someone at Edinburgh Airport from 9 am to 2 pm, from Monday to Friday. The service is available on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Visit the website for more details or follow IVR instructions. 

  • Edinburgh Airport phone number +44 (0)131 357 6337 / +44 203 885 4721 
  • Press 1 or 2 to select the desired language for IVR
  • Press 3 to speak to someone at Edinburgh Airport
  • Choose the most suitable options 
  • Then connect to a live person at Edinburgh Airport 

How do I get in touch with Edinburgh Airport?

Edinburgh Airport Contact Details

  • Edinburgh Airport Address: Edinburgh EH12 9DN, UK
  • General Enquiries: +44 (0)870 040 0007 or + 44 203 885 4721 
  • Edinburgh Airport Lost & Found: +44 (0)131 344 3486
  • Edinburgh Airport Left Luggage Facilities: +44 (0)870 040 0007

A complete Guide to special assistance

Edinburgh Airport provides necessary required assistance to flyers:

  • Essential services are offered for people with disabilities or travelers with reduced mobility, known as passengers with reduced mobility(PRM). Passengers can book special assistance services while booking their flights with the airline. 
  • Assistance is offered at the airport, once flyers board the flight airline is responsible. 
  • Changing Place or restroom can be found near gate number 16. The facilities include a height-adjustable changing bench, a height-adjustable sink, and a hoist. 
  • Help points are accessible at the airport. Passengers can get in touch with Edinburgh Airport via telephone, hands-free, or signposts. However, if you have any issues, contact the airport. 

How to book special assistance? 

Check the information to get the idea: 

  • To book assistance, travelers must call the airline if they require wheelchair assistance.
  • If passengers are unable to book their required assistance, they can contact the airport 48 hours before the departure schedule so that Edinburgh Airport make the arrangements. 
  • After arriving at the airport, you need to go to special assistance reception because only 40 minutes prior check-in desk opens. 
  • Special assistance reception is next to Marks and Spencer, the entrance closest to the domestic arrivals area. Wide parking disabled bays are available in the car parks. 

Security pass 

Airport agents will help after reaching special assistance reception through security. Complete support is offered to the gate, airside reserved seat. In case passengers have the time to depart their flight, they will be assisted to airport services like cafes, shops, or lounges.