How do I check my flight reservation?


How do I check my flight reservation

Whether you make a reservation online, by phone, or through a travel agent, checking your reservation before reaching the airport is a good idea. Looking to check your flight reservation on the airline website or travel service website usually allows you to change or view your reservation, make requests for special accommodations and purchase the meals. We will help you find the details about your upcoming flights on the airline or travel website or voice help like Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The process to Check my Flight Reservation:- 

  • Go to the official website of the airline. 
  • Click on the manage booking or my trip. 
  • Under "Manage Booking" or "My Trip", you must enter your six-digit booking code and other required details. 
  • When you see your bookings, you must click on the flight option. 
  • Under the flight option, you must select the flight status. 
  • Now, you can see your flight status. 

How do I check my flight reservation online?

If you want to know about  how do I check my flight reservation You can follow the below steps: 

Visit the Airline Website or Travel website: if you make a reservation through the Airline website or other travel service websites, and think about how can I check my flight reservation online? You will review your reservation details in your account profile. To check the reservation, you can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and you can also use the airline mobile application if available. If you want to check your reservation online and you know the flight number, just go to the browser and search for the flight status 

Click the login option: most Airline websites display the Sign-in or login option at the top of the given page, but first, you have to open a menu. 

  • First login to your account, you don’t know your credentials, you can reset your password by clicking on the Forgot password? Or you can link it to reset.
  • Suppose your username has a membership number, such as united Mileage plus number, Delta SkyMiles. In that case, you can check the confirmation email address from your reservation to find the details or select the forget number link to request it through the mail.
  • If you can’t log in,  you can check the flight reservation with your reservation number by clicking on the Manage My Trip option. Airlines have various names for this booking number, such as Reservation number, confirmation number, reservation code, reference number, and record locator. If you receive a confirmation message through email after reserving the flight, you will find it in that email, as +well as on a paper ticket or printed one. 

Click on the My Trips Tab:  nearly all the travel websites have a section with this particular term, although sometimes it is also known as Your Trip or Trip, or it will be located on the other table known as My account. You can click on this option, and it will show you your flight reservation. If you don’t find the flight you are looking for on the Airline website, it’s usually because you booked a ticket from a third party. 

Update your flight preferences: most airlines and websites is allow you to change your flight reservation after booking, which may include seat selection, the ability to change the ticket, and the meal preferences. If your flight qualifies, you will see the option to change the flight. If you need to change something regarding your flight ticket and don’t see the option, then you can directly contact the airline by phone.

Check-in online: some airlines allow you to check-in online during your flight departure time. Check-in online will enable you to skip the desk or self-service Kiosk at the airport.

For further information about how to check online if your flight reservation is made by a third party or online, you can directly contact the customer service representative by contact number, the representative will try to resolve all the issues you might be facing.