How do I ring Air New Zealand?


Being a member of Star Alliance is not easy. When an airline maintains the perfect balance between services and passengers, it gains public trust, gets better ratings, and joins the prestigious alliance. Air New Zealand is a 4-star airline that manages flights across 18+ destinations. When you hear all this, and you are in a position where you need to speak to a live person at Air New Zealand, you expect great things and special treatment from the team. Therefore, if you visit the official website and go to the support section, you won’t be disappointed. 

Services one can expect to receive from live Air New Zealand Agent

When you connect with a live representative, there are certain services you expect to receive which can only be provided by a human. The airline industry provides many services through its customer care team. When it comes to Air New Zealand, you can experience the following services. 

  • A live support agent can process your booking, ticket modification, set selection, ticket cancellation, refund request submission, etc., for you.
  • Live agents can walk you through the steps to perform all the above-mentioned steps if you wish to carry them out on your own.
  • You can request special services, such as medical support, wheel-chair, services for impaired persons, extra requirements when traveling with pets, etc.   
  • Live support agents can tell you about the latest offers and services and how one can book their tickets at discounts.
  • They can teach you how to use your miles points and how to apply for one if you don’t already have it. 

How do I ring Air New Zealand?

  • Ring on phone number: 1 (800) 262-1234
  • The IVR will ask you to select your preferred language. 
  • Press 1, For Booking & Reservations
  • Press 2, For change/cancellation
  • Press 3, For Other Enquiries
  • Press 5, Speak to a live person at Air New Zealand

Steps to ring Air New Zealand

The support page is divided into different sections. You should take down the contact details only through the official page. Any change in the contact information is immediately updated on the official site.

Phone Call

The calling option is the fastest way to connect with the Air New Zealand customer service, and since they have different numbers for different departments, the process only speeds up. 

  • Visit the official Air Newzealand website.
  • From the support page, get the contact details you need.
  • Dial the number 1 (800) 262-1234, and you will be greeted by the IVR tune.
  • The IVR will ask you to select your preferred language. Press the mentioned button.
  • Next, the IVR will ask you to select the department of your query and click the allotted number as per your need.
  • Select the sub-category for your query.
  • Now, the IVR will ask you to fill in your booking reference and registered name. 
  • Now your call, along with the information collected through the IVR, will be sent to the live agent.

Live Messaging Service

Another way to speak to a live person at Air New Zealand is the online messaging option. Through the help section, you can easily connect with a live agent on the website. 

  • Open the message/ chatbox.
  • Select the category of your issue.
  • Next, select the sub-category.
  • Now type in your issue and press the enter key.
  • The live agent will start assisting you. 


  • When you open the email link, you can chat with a live agent in a more subtle way.
  • Get the mail id from the support page, and send your query.
  • You can also add your documents to speed up the process. 

The help desk executive treats every passenger with equal respect and dignity and will do their best to give you the right solution; all you have to do is reach out. When in doubt, connecting with an agent should be the first course of action.