Privacy Policy

When you reach the Flightstrade travel website online, you collect essential advice, services, information, and products for your objectives. You may find a complete travel solution to make your trip secure perfectly. Understand the following privacy policy regarding how we gather, use, and protect the personal information you provide us on our website. You must agree with our Flightstrade privacy policy that provides genuine details to safeguard your data securely. We assure you to protect your personal information by elaborating on how to use your details.

Privacy Policy & promises:

You may read the Privacy Policy that describes in detail our policy and practices regarding our collection. We are reserved to use and disclosure of your data on our website when you reach us to collect the information. You may do some crucial activities to organize, operate, and unveil personal notifications to perform our business functions comfortably. We are the best at making and managing your travel package for our customers.

We protect your personal information:

You may collect specific information to prevent your data that will remain safe for a certain period until you will not delete it, and our website gives such kind information to protect your essential personal data on our website. You will go through the Flightstrade privacy policy for your payment details, which will not allow you to check and modify the details. Security and safety assurance is assured while using the web browser to visit our website and accept the privacy for your convenience.

Collecting your data:

When you access to Flightstrade website, it can collect personal data that can be identified, including date of birth, password, addresses, and so on. It does not include data where the identity has been removed.

  • When you reserve your flight from our Website or through our customer service team.
  • When you set up a free account on our Website to participate in surveys or provide feedback.
  • You can certainly engage with us in any online or offline event or portray your interest on any page hosted by us on behalf of a supplier who provides your details for our promotions.

What we do to your details:

We provide extra care to the personal information you share while requesting any services, products, and assistance through our website. You can expect to get every minute of dealing with the details you submit on our official site, and we provide certain transparency or data protection that you share with us. Also, we don't allow you to steal and steal any data you collect from our website.

How we use personal data

We are authorized to use your personal information to provide the services you request on our Website. We use your information, including personal information, to market our services to you, and you can opt out of such uses after opening your trip account with us. We use your personal information for the following purposes as follows:

  • To resolve disputes.
  • Troubleshoot problems.
  • Promoting a safe service.
  • Collecting fees owed to us.
  • We inform you about online and offline offers, products, and services.
  • Providing more latest updates and so on.

Demographic and Profile Data:

We are here to collect information occasionally and analyze demographic and profile data about your activity on our Website. We are reserved to use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server. Your IP address is used to identify you and gather broad demographic information to provide the data smoothly. We ask you to complete optional online surveys on behalf of the third-party supplier on our Website.

How we share your Personal Information:

We are here to share the personal information we obtained from you with our other corporate entities and affiliates you have used on our Website. You may get help to make your product and service with us ideally and get complete information after sharing your information that we share with someone else who is authorized in the travel market.

  • We share your details to provide help detect and prevent identity theft.
  • We always maintain fraud and other potentially illegal acts.
  • We assure you with the co-relate or multiple accounts to prevent abuse of our services.
  • We facilitate joint or co-branded services that you may request with us, provided by more than one corporate entity.

Cookies Policies:

Cookies always provide a top-class safeguard to protect your website through a secure link that you view on the website. You receive a message at the bottom of the website requiring you to click and accept the cookies to access the travel services smoothly. We provide specific features of the cookies that are available when you use our cookies before visiting our website.

Types of cookies:

  • Session and transient cookies enable you to access our website smoothly.
  • We provide flash cookies to secure our website, and it automatically saves essential data.
  • You may get permanent, persistent cookies that help you to save some vital information on your device even after closing the website.


You are agreed that you are not on the Website to disclose such confidential information without our prior written consent. Further, your report will be secure on our Website, and we will carry your details securely.

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