Terms and Conditions

When you wish to access and utilize the services of the Flightstrade travel website, it is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions. You can collect and share crucial information from our website, which uses all possible ways to secure your entire data online. You can't securely access the website to gather information if you go beyond the terms and conditions. You can easily use the Flightstrde website to manage your travel objectives and adhere to the rules and regulations that come under the conditions that you have to accept spontaneously. So, if you need any help with travel products and services, send your details to us at support@flightstrade.com and get a proper solution but don't forget to accept and carefully read the terms and conditions using this website.

General terms and conditions:

We are reserved to refuse services to anyone to use without any previous notice and information. It is true that when you reach us on our website, you must furnish confidential details. We have the privilege to operate your personal data for essential purposes when products sell, travel information, customer service, and other vital circumstances come on this website. You will find the changes that can be made, and you must confirm and adapt to the travel requirements after connecting with a customer representative team.

Information in accuracy, completeness, and timelessness:

There is no guarantee that you will get accurate information at the right time for any essential advice and help related to products, services, or other important activities on this site. Observe some necessary things that you must check accordingly.

  • You will check with this website has terms and conditions can be updated information anytime.
  • Get the critical material on this website and get general information only when you access this website at any time.
  • It should only be relied upon or used solely for making decisions by consulting primary, more accurate, complete, and timely sources of information.
  • We are authorized to modify the things for the flight trade website at any time and are not obliged to update any information on the site.
  • You need to check with the monitoring changes to our site and ensure you get your necessary things before making any changes on time.

Our Liabilities:

We don't have hold and control when you get any fault from the travel agency, supplier, or agent. We are here to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the organization maintains standards and provides a service acceptable to the passengers.

Your important rights to acceptance:

When you get any service online, you must go through our website's online terms of service. It might ask you to convey that you are at the age of majority in your state or province of residence. You must go through the age of maturity in your local place and have valid documents to prove when you access the Flightstrade.com website to get permission to use the website. Nevertheless, if you do so, it comes under the illegal or unauthorized objective that you must avoid with your liable activities on our website.

Booking through Flightstrade:

Use our website to meet your travel requirements by selecting bookings, travel services, and customer care assistance. When you book your flight ticket through Flightstrade, you will complete the booking by the name of the travel provider, and our website’s role will be only to provide the user interface. You will get the complete booking and travel services information on our website, but we will not be responsible for the booking or travel products and services. So, if you disagree with the booking and other travel services and products on our website, you need to resolve your concern with the travel provider, not with us.

Deposit and payment:

You must pay a deposit when you choose our website to book your trip, travel products, and services. You may check the deposit amount, which could vary depending on the booked services. In some booking incidents, you must pay the deposited amount fully. Your deposits are non-refundable for making any changes and cancelation by you, and read all terms carefully. You must always be ready to make the final payment within six weeks before flight departure. But if you fail to make payment by the due date, your booking will be canceled, and your deposit will be forfeited.


When you experience any cancellation for booked travel services and products, you are entitled to get a refund, which is subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions. We are not reserved to provide you a refund for any cancellation as we are the resources to offer you the services on our website only.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Flightstrade's website provides you with all possible information about the products and services that you may get or may not receive, which depend based on availability. We are associated with many search results that you can use to accumulate travel services and products without guarantee to simultaneously provide you with the same service. We are also not reserved to show you the lowest available prices, and we expressively disclaim to the fullest extent permissible all warranties not confirmed by our side.

Travel documents:

When you make your booking with any consultant, you are required to carry all travel documents from us prior to travel. You must collect the travel documents within two weeks prior to departure that depends on the individual arrangements. Hence, If you have completed your booking with us you must either print out document that you can retain from our website.

Use of our website in terms of services and privacies:

You can expect better travel guidance and help to book your flight ticket after registering and becoming a Flightstrde website user. Create a trip account on our website and get the latest updates and offers directly in your email account. You are responsible for maintaining the privacy of your login details and avoiding unnecessary trouble with unauthorized access. If you forgot to log out of your account, we are not responsible if anyone uses your password and login information to access your booking and allows us to make some changes. If you find some changes in your booking and other services, update us at support@flightstrade.com with accurate information immediately.

Be loyal to all terms:

You must read all the information carefully and be assured you will check the details of using the online website's terms and conditions and comprehend the rules made by the supplier.

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