Do I need a Covid test to fly Icelandair?


Icelander Airlines have executed measures to chip away at the planes' cleanliness and prosperity, loom the middle seat, and grant trust in travelers. The airline has helped out testing providers to offer different Covid testing policies. Business travelers booking premium seats on Icelandair Airlines then Traveler will need to have the actual COVID-19 tests passed directly on to them before the flight.

All in all, you may be wondering Do I need a Covid test to fly Icelandair? The quick response is yes. Each traveler should have a negative test result preceding flying. You should venture through this test almost three days before the flight date.

Icelandair Covid Policy

According to the Icelandair flying standard covid-19 test, you should finish the examination before traveling into Europe if you intend to fly universally. You should show your negative test result to the airline before getting onto your flight. 

  • Completely vaccinated:  The test should be due for a case required near three days before the flight departs from a faraway nation if you confirm being vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Not fully vaccinated: The test should be guided on a model required nearly one day before departure from a new country. You don't get onto the board if you don't show reports of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

So, as per the Icelandair covid policy,  If you recovered from covid-19 recently, then you should go with the reports (i.e., your positive COVID-19 test result on a model required near 90 days Prior to the flight departed from a new country or to a new country and a statement from an approved clinical consideration provider or an overall prosperity official statement that you were cleared to travel).

Things to be aware of before flying: Coronavirus test results/ vaccination Certificates

We suggest confirming the most recent section required for your destination before exertion. Here are a few details to consider and explore. 

  • Most nations expect travelers to introduce negative COVID-19 test results before their excursion or have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This necessity likewise frequently applies to move travelers.
  • Test results should be recent, depending upon every nation's standards, and not more than 24 or 72 hours. Sometimes, just printed documentation is legitimate.
  • Icelandair is expected to deny boarding travelers who don't carry meaningful reports.

Authentic reason and the entry form

  • A few nations might require an exact reason for the travel, like residency, business, or family relations.
  • Numerous countries expect travelers to finish up a particular structure before a flight.


Quarantine rules are frequently changing, so it's critical to comprehend the necessities in your objective before you show up.

Travel flights

If you take more than one flight to arrive at your destination, you should check the prerequisites for your exchange point and your last goal.

Getting back

We prescribe investigating the state-of-the-art decisions that apply to your outing for your homecoming. You might have to give a negative COVID-19 test report (paying little heed to vaccinated status) preceding your flight or isolate yourself while getting back home. 

For extra details regarding, "Do I need a Covid test to fly Icelandair"? You can directly call customer care using the Icelandair phone number. The group is accessible nonstop to help the customers. Call them at any time, and The airline representative will help you settle the inquiry you are confronting.