Aeromexico seat selection Policy


Aeromexico seat selection

Selecting a seat is crucial while traveling because a preferred seat will make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are a passenger of Aeromexico, you will get the option to travel on the desired seat. There are many types of seats provided by Aeromexico airlines to their passenger, like premium seats, standard seats, and business seats. If you are traveling with Aeromexico flight and get details about the seat selection process, you need to read below.

The seat selection policy of Aeromexico airlines

If the flight is booked from the website of the Aeromexico airlines and you can select the seat within 24 hours of booking, then the charges are not applicable.
If passengers want to select a seat after 24 hours of booking, they will have to pay the charges.
If the passenger booked the flight through any official representative of Aeromexico airlines, they would need to contact them to select the seat.
Passengers can select their preferred seat before 2 hours of boarding time, but an Aeromexico Airlines representative will automatically allot the seat.

Different types of seat selection methods 

There are mainly four ways you can go for  Aeromexico seat selection, and these are described as the following. 

  • Web Check-In: Once you reach the official website and select the web check-in option, you can select your seat during the exit from the process. The page will show you all the available seats through a digital seat chart. Select the seats you want, make the payment as you exit the page, and your seat will be confirmed.
  • Aeromexico App: This app functions in a similar way as the website online check-in. You need to locate your flight details on the app and go for the online check-in process. Again you should be able to see the seating arrangement and should be able to select the desired seat. 
  • Call Support Team: If you are not able to follow the above two processes, or in general, not used to using the technology as much, use the call center option. One of the easiest ways to go for Aeromexico seat selection is via phone. Open the help center, locate the number working in your region, and connect with an agent. 
  • At The Airport: The traditional approach is also hassle-free, but only if you are not bothered by where you sit or who you sit with. If by the time you reach the check-in counter, there are enough seats left for you to choose, then there is no issue. The agent will gladly assign you the preferred seat based on availability. 

For help and more information, connect with a technical support agent. 

How Can I choose my seat on Aeromexico?

Steps you need to follow in choosing the flight seat in Aeromexico 

  • With the help of a search engine, open the official site of Aeromexico or download the Aeromexico application.
  • On the next page, look at the manage booking option. 
  • Under the manage booking section, you need to type the surname name of the passenger and booking reference number hit on the search.
  • Later on, click on the change option; you can find this option at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Now open the seat selection tab and choose the seat according to your preference. 
  • After this, the payment page will open; you have to pay the charges.
  • Once you pay the charges, receive the confirmation message on your phone number.

How much does Aeromexico charge for seat selection?

Charges will depend on the seat type; if the passenger selects the seat of standard class, then they will need to pay the charges in between 50USD to 80USD; for the business class seat, 100 USD to 120USD, and for a premium class seat in between 180USD to 200USD

With the help of earlier mentioned statements, you will know about the Aeromexico seat selection process and policy. If you want to know any more information, you need to contact the official representative of Aeromexico airlines. 

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