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American Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the aviation industry across the USA. And the reason everyone prefers traveling with American Airlines is because it holds the record of flying to the maximum number of destination around the world. And apart from the flight reservation, there are other different facilities that American airlines provide to its customers to ensure a comfortable journey to its customers. And if you want to fly with American airlines then go through the below information.

Are you looking for a group vacation or putting together a conference, meeting or to chill out with your friends? American Airline group booking provides you a variety of services to meet your travel requirements.

If you are flying for a conference or business meeting with your teammates or may be on a big fat family vacation, if you are flying in a group for more than 10 people or at least 10 people then your flight booking comes under group travel.

Group Traveling of American Airlines, is a service that provides to those passengers who are travelling in a group. Hence, if you want group reservation, then you can easily book your flight with American Airlines. The biggest advantage of the American airlines group booking is that you will get the discount on group reservations and many more other travel services.

Therefore if you want to make a group booking with American Airlines then follow the below steps:

You need to contact the airline and provide the details with no of people you wish and their chosen travel dates when you are making the group booking, and then you have to wait until they provide you a custom quote. Once all the requirements have been done then you can proceed to make your group reservation.

  • Visit the official site of American Airlines and check the booking section to make your group reservation.
  • Select the group travel section and continue the booking possess
  • You may also fill the basic information and book your flight in the same way as with the standard flight booking process.
  • Fill the destination and select your time and dates. Select whether you make a standard reservation price.
  • Next enter the number of travelers flying and use the credit card, cash and iles mode of payments.
  • When you go through all the information, checkout the flight information and select one. After selecting the flight you can make a payment and your group reservation is complete.
  • You can also request a reservation by calling on the customer service contact number, you can inform them of the specifics, and your request will be processed sooner.

That’s all, when it comes to making American airlines group booking therefore, buying a group ticket, make sure to read all the airlines terms and conditions.

Group booking terms and conditions in American Airlines

  • Only if you are traveling in a group with more than 10 people then you will be permitted to travel in a group.
  • Group flight can be reserved up to 11 months in advance and upto 48 hours before the scheduled departure time
  • If you discover that you have made any mistake in the travelers name, you have 48 hours before the departure time at least one travel name free of cost.
  • If you are flying for a business meeting, or any other conferences, you can check out the American airlines group booking deals.

Thus with the help of the above information, you can simply make an American airlines group booking, and you can call the airline group travel contact number if you have any doubt.

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