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How do I choose my seats on American Airlines?

When you plan to travel to your favored destination and not getting your desired seats can sometimes be disappointing. So why do you waste your time and energy booking a ticket? Go in vain when you have the option to choose your seat in advance. If you plan to travel with American airlines, you can save your time and energy and fly comfortably. 

The American Airline seat selection process lets you choose the seat onboard. You need to select the available seat and pay the applicable charges, resulting in a better journey. 

When making a seat selection for your flight, you will need a seat map, the seat map will provide you with all the seat that is available, and you can choose as per your preferences 

Steps to check the seat availability of the American Airlines

If you have a clear picture of the seat selection, you will get the exciting flight journey, but you need to pay the amount for it. If you face any difficulty during the process, get quick help from the airline executive. Further, you can check the seat availability as follows: 

  • Open the American airline flight and login into it. 
  • No select your cabin class and set the seat map selection to choose your seat. 
  • Here, you will see the seat in the seat option and see the different colors of seats, such as green, orange, blue, and white-colored options. 
  • Every color presents the availability or unavailability of seats. 
  • The green one is known for the priority cabin, orange for the central place, and blue for the available seats, whereas the white shows the unavailability of the seats. 
  • Once you select your favored seat, enter all the required details and check the information on the flight during the end process. 

Many individuals wish to travel hassle-free, which is why they use the American Airlines seat selection to get their favored seats. The individual can also check the seat availability for the flight booking using the aforementioned details. 

How do I pick my seats on American Airlines?

  • Visit the official website at or dial 1-802-618-6067 for seat selection.
  • Go to “My trips/check-in” from the homepage 
  • Enter your name and all record. From there, you can choose seats
  • Now select search flights, and you will get the available flight options on your screen.
  • After continuing, you will get an “upgrade and view the seat map” option.
  • Now you can "choose your preferred seat". 
  • The respective price for each seat will get displayed while moving your cursor on each seat.
  • After choosing your perfect seat, click save and exit the page. 
  • A total payable amount will be displayed on the screen pay the fee and complete the process.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail on your email with the ticket. 

How much does American Airlines charge to choose a seat?

The passenger can select the seat when making a flight booking by paying the charges that start around $9, and that too depends upon the type of ticket you have and the route of your destination. If you do not buy the seat selection, the airline will randomly assign you a seat. You can also check the seat selection charges at the official site of the American airlines or by making a phone call to the customer service.  

As per the American airline's policies, one can pick the seat at check-in and the flight booking, but if there is a flight cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, the charges might be forfeited. For further details about "How much does American Airlines charge to choose seat" or for the seat selection, contact customer service.                                              

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