How can I reserve a flight and pay later


Booking first and paying later

Tourism and the travel industry has grown so much in today’s time that almost all airlines these days provide feasible travel policies to the passengers. It’s only because of the flexible travel policies that more and more passengers are opting to travel by air.

How to book a flight online and pay later

Needless to say, traveling by air comes along with a lot of other luxuries but deep down, we all get second thoughts before booking flight tickets. One of the main reasons behind this is the costly flight tickets. But now airlines have initiated to provide one advantage to the passengers that they can book tickets first and then decide to pay later.

Process of reserving flight tickets in advance and paying later

  • Different airlines have different policies and depending upon that, passengers can decide to book flights and pay the fare in the installment of three months, six months or twelve months accordingly.
  • Moreover if you are a resident of USA and have already crossed the age of 18 then you will be allowed to reserve flights first and pay later.
  • Airlines usually provide the feature of ‘book now and then pay later’ and using this service you can choose the flight and desired seat and keep paying in installments.
  • Passengers can either use the method of a debit card or credit card to pay the installments of the fare.
  • All you have to do is open the booking page online, fill out all the flight details and then tap on ‘pay later’ option under the payment link. This way, you can easily book the flights and keep paying the fare.

How Can I Reserve A Flight And Pay Later? Instructions

  • Visit the official site of your preferred airline, then scroll to the booking section, and then choose your travel type, departure & destination airports, cities.
  • Then, select the number of passengers along with the travel dates, and then the preferred travel class (economy, business, or first class).
  • Next, search for the available fares and then pick your desired fares that fit your budget plans.
  • Hereafter, follow the onscreen instructions to make your seat selection, then continue to the payment page.
  • On the payment page, you’ll find the pay later or on hold option, select the option, and then you can put your bookings on hold and then pay later for it.

Therefore, you should be able to pay for your bookings later on by using the debit/credit card, miles, or other appropriate payment methods. However, you can also contact the airline’s customer services experts and get info on How Can I Reserve A Flight And Pay Later? The experts will surely guide you with the best information and help you with your reservations.

And therefore using the following ways, one can easily find out the solution of the doubts related to can I reserve a flight and pay later. And if in case you have any doubt related to the booking policies, you can contact the customer care team of the airline anytime. The support teams of the airlines are available all the time on call and email.

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