Do I need a Covid test to fly Aeromexico?


Does Aeromexico require Covid test?

Aeromexico takes care of its travelers to the fullest during and after the pandemic. The Aeromexico follows all the Covid guidelines to provide travelers with a safe and secure journey. If you are worried, Do I need a covid test to fly Aeromexico? It depends on your destination. If your destination requires a Covide test, you must need it. However, here you can keep reading the information below for better clarity.

Talking about air travel with Aeromexico, it is mandatory to use face masks both in the airport and throughout the journey. Besides, if you travel to or within Mexico, you don't need to submit the COVID-19 PCR test. But you might require the COVID-19 PCR test if you have a layover flight from Mexico to the country where it is required. You can visit the airline's website online to find out travel regulations for your destination country.

Let's check out in detail about the flight restrictions to the US

All US passengers who are older than two years and traveling to the United States should complete the contact form at the time of check-in and should meet the requirements below.

Aeromexico Covid Policy

For fully vaccinated passenger

  • You must present the physical or digital vaccination certificate stating that you are fully vaccinated.
  • Besides, you need to submit a negative COVID-19 test result, whether it is PCR or rapid antigen. You must do the test within one day before your flight. You can also carry proof of Covid recovery. You should also complete the attestation.

For Non-vaccinated or incomplete vaccination 

You cannot travel to us via Aeromexico if you are non-vaccinated or have incomplete vaccination.

Passengers attestation 

  • In Case you travel as a tourist, you must present the attestation at the airport.
  • The given above are standard guidelines; you can check out the detailed restriction on the Aeromexico website.

So if you fly to Aeromexico, apart from following the destination country guidelines, you must also follow the Aeromexico covid policy in detail. However, you can visit the official website of Aeromexico to discover detailed information. Besides, you can also speak to the Aeromexico representative if you need additional information.

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