Do I need a Covid test to fly Alaska Airlines?


Is the covid -19 test required to fly with Alaska Airlines?

The rise and impact of covid-19 have damaged a wide range of human society. The pandemic broke in worldwide and has caused considerable damage to almost all living species. In today's scenario, people are more aware of the causes and effects of the pandemic, which have resulted in more recovery of humans. People often have doubts that do I need a covid test to fly Alaska airlines across the world. However, there are many precautions that one must follow to keep themselves safe from this pandemic.

Covid -19 guidelines to fly with Alaska Airlines

Different airlines have issued different guidelines for traveling. Passengers often question that does Alaska airlines require covid vaccine to fly across the globe. So below are some of the safety measures that Alaska airlines are following for a safe journey.

  • Facemask is mandatory for all two or more than two years old travelers. Facemask must cover the whole mouth and nose area and the face shield.
  • If passengers want to drink or eat something, they can wear masks between the sips and bites.
  • The covid-19 test is mandatory to fly with Alaska airlines, with a negative or covid-19 not detected report. 
  • The negative covid-19 test report should not be more than three days old from the traveling date. Also, if your trip is domestic that is within the country, then, on the one hand, vaccination dose should be completed while on the other hand, you can have a covid test one day before they travel.
  • Passengers must have been vaccinated with both doses before the trip. If the passenger has been vaccinated with a single dose, they'll have to undergo the covid -19 test.
  • If the passengers have been marked as positive for the covid before, they'll have to bring the covid -19 negative test report from a licensed health care provider. Also, be sure that the passenger was marked positive before 90 days of the trip.

Alaska airline's covid policy

Passengers are requested to follow the Alaska airline's covid policy while traveling not just because of their security but also for the security of other travelers. Covid-19 has resulted in a mass destroyer of humanity within the last two years. Alaska airlines provide different facilities to the passengers; however, during this pandemic, the airlines have issued some strict covid -19 measures that are mentioned above to make the journey safe and comfortable for the passengers.


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