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Dubai has grown itself from the modest beginnings as a seaport city to the biggest financial centers in world and the highest trafficked luxurious beach resorts. Dubai has a lot more to offer to the visitors like sophistication and sass in the Southeast Asia while it still holds firm to the Muslim roots of theirs.

The weather of Dubai is sunny and scorching hot, like you can expect from the deserts. The summer days has the average eleven hours of sunshine everyday with the temperature almost reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When the days are hottest, temperature can easily reach to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures drop in the evening time to 70s or 80s but the level of humidity is uncomfortable. Between the months of December and March, the temperatures in the daytime are reaching to 60s and 70s with even cooler evenings. The seasons of spring and fall still remain hot with the temperatures between 70s and 90s. February is the rainiest month but the rainfall is limited.

The sun seekers who need some Vitamin D must book cheap flight tickets to Dubai as the city got two seasons and they are hot and hotter. In the peak tourist season that starts from the months of November/December to March, the temperature ranges from the 60s to 70s. The times of the Christmas holiday period and the time after it has got the high prices for the flights. The flights to this place are easy to come as this place is a hub for airline Emirates and it has the flights from all over the world. Low cost flights to Dubai can be booked earlier than the season when the tourism is at its peak. Otherwise, if you do not mind to travel in the air conditioned hotels, you can go for the place in the months from June to September and you will be getting fairly cheap flight tickets to Dubai as these months are the hottest and very less people prefer to travel Dubai at this time.

If you want to travel to Dubai, keep the temperatures in your mind and then book the tickets as the weather is consistently hot here. If you cannot handle heat, then go for the time between the months of October and April as the weather is a bit cooler and the tickets can be costly but for cheapest one you will have to book almost six months before. The flights are direct to the Dubai International Airport from many major cities in the world. 

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