How big are the seats on Icelandair?


Icelandair now offers the chance to the passenger to get more comfortable seats in bigger, more legroom seats. Seat pitch on Icelandair fleet is already above industry average standard, a minimum of 31’’ or 32’’/ 79 Cm to 81 cm, but with new Icelandair more legroom seats the passenger can secure himself even more space.

Sometimes the small things can make a bigger and better difference. If you are looking for the huge legroom with extra space and comfort, then, you can select the seat with a minimum of 34’’ which means 86 cm pitch, or more than 40’’ which is 102 cm in some cases.

If you are making a reservation with the Icelanders Airline and wondering about How big are the seats on Icelandair? Each seat on economy class is 19 inches wide, as compared to the 17 inches you will get on most of the icelander’s other flights. And to be honest, those 2 inches are huge. It means the available seats are wider than you will find on most of the various airlines flying to Europe from Norwegian to even the major airlines like Delta and America.

Are Icelandair seats comfortable? 

A place with even More huge Space

The Icelander Legroom seats are not all created equally. There are three different types of More Legroom Seat, if you have doubts about Are Icelandair seats comfortable? Absolutely, it's very comfortable And some seats are in the front of the airline cabin, and the other ones are by the emergency exits.

  • Front of the cabin is a reclinable seat with 86cm pitch, and with power outlets.
  • The exit seats are available with recline features and with a pitch of at least 38’’.
  • Exit row seats with restricted recline have at least 91cmm pitch or more but with no recline or limited one.

Where to purchase More Legroom?

  • You can purchase more legroom during the booking process
  • You can also purchase it Through the travel agent, when you make the booking
  • Or by contacting the customer service centre
  • Purchase more legroom through online check-in or through my Journey.
  • At the time of check-in, you can purchase it from check-in desk
  • On board using your Saga Points

 Please note

If you purchase more legroom seats remember that, More Legroom seats are non-refundable and also non- transferable.

However, there are certain cases where a refund is given:

  • If you flight is directly cancelled
  • If the more legroom seat you have purchased from the airline is not available because of airline change.
  • If you are accepted for an upgrade or if you have purchased it.
  • Passengers who purchase an exit row seat but do not follow the conditions will be moved, and no refund amount is given.

For more information about Are Icelandair seats comfortable, you can directly contact the airline customer service, the representative will give you the best solution to your query.


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