How can I avoid paying for seat selection?


Seat selection is a process and a facility offered by the airlines to make it easy for the passengers to select the preferred seat while making reservations for a flight. The seat selection process is not a complicated one and there are certain charges that are levied by the airlines as far as seat selection is concerned. If you would like to escape the prices and would prefer to make it for free or without any charges then you have come to the right place.

In this paper, we are going to cover a guide that would help you with saving a lot on seat selection with the airlines. So if you happen to have travel lined up, then following this text would surely allow you insights into what you could stick to avoid the seat selection charges as far as your reservation with an airline is concerned

Airline seat selection Fees

The charges that are charged by the airline for seat selection can be avoided by sticking to the steps and ways mentioned down under. Most of the airlines have been included herewith, so if you have plans of traveling with any of the airlines, then you must refer to what is going to unfold next in this paper.

  • First and foremost the passengers are advised to not involve themselves with seat selection. You could easily sit anywhere on the plane as far as your journey is concerned.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the airlines would love you to pay extra for selecting seats. But you could always deny the option of sea selection for avoiding extra charges that are otherwise levied if a passenger goes for seat selection.
  • If you are flying with Alaska Airlines then it is advised to select the Skip seat option and then proceed further with your reservation. The airline provides a seat at the time of check-in. Alaska also offers limited seat assignments as far as Saver fares are concerned.
  • If you have plans of travelling with Allegiant airlines, then, in that case, the airline does not have a designate fee for all the seats. However, if you click on the seat that you would like to take with Allegiant airlines, then a pop up will appear on the screen telling you about the actual price of the seat in selection. You will have the option to go further or else you could drop that seat.
  • With Delta and American airlines, the passengers necessarily do not have to select seats and there are no seat assignments offered to the passengers with basic fares.

I hope this helps with Airline seat selection fees, for more details regarding the same it is advised to refer to the main website of the respective airlines and you are good to go.

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