How do I get a refund from IcelandAir?


Icelandair refund policy

Refunds are available for IcelandAir flights and one can stick to multiple ways for communicating with the airline to get instant help and support with flight refunds. 

Let us consider the answer to How do I get a refund from IcelandAir? Travelers can stick to online and offline means to get refunds for IcelandAir. 

Offline refunds 

Communicate with the customer service team at the airline to get instant assistance with refund-related queries. You can contact the customer service professional at the airline by dialing the customer service helpline number available online on the website under the contact us section on the page. 

Online refunds. 

Travelers can stick to the below-mentioned steps to file online refunds at IcelandAir: 

  • Open your web browser and visit the official Icelandair website.
  • Scroll down until you reach the bottom of the homepage and select the cancellations and refunds option. 
  • Get started with refunds by filling out the refund request form available online. 
  • Mention the cancellation confirmation reference number on the form. 
  • Submit the form to get instant help with IcelandAir refunds. 
  • Travelers will receive a notification from the airline and a refund reference number will be initiated and sent over an email delivered to your registered email address with the airline.

What is Icelandair's refund policy?

Travelers must go through the inclusions of the IcelandAir refund policy in order to get optimum refunds for their flights. Also, getting a hold of the terms and conditions allows passengers to have a smooth flight refund and cancellation experience. The key pointers of the IcelandAir refund policy are as follows:

  • IcelandAir offers full refunds for the Economy Flex fare category in the domestic and international fare segments. A booking fee is charged by the airline. 
  • A partly used Economy flex ticket is recalculated for the flown portion. Refunds are available for any residual value of the ticket. 
  • Booking fees and a no-show fee are applicable on tickets reserved under the Economy Flex category with the airline. 
  • Saga premium flight fares are not refundable for international flights reserved at IcelandAir. 
  • Saga premium flex fares are refundable for international travel with the airline. However, a booking fee or a no-show fee may apply. 
  • Economy standard and economy light fare categories are non-refundable. However, the unused government or airport taxes are refundable. 
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