How do I get a refund from Qatar Airways?


Qatar Airway Refund Policy

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar. Airway provides an extensive team of customer care support and a very generous refund and cancellation policy. If you have canceled your ticket, then you can easily apply for cancellation and get a refund. But it is suggested that before applying for a refund, passengers should know Qatar Airways Refund Policy. This will help you to know whether or not you are eligible for getting a refund or not. Especially if you are a holder of a non-refundable ticket you ought to know in detail the refund policy of the airline.

Steps to get a refund from Qatar Airways

Once you know about the Qatar Airways Refund Policy and you have identified your eligibility, then you can follow the given steps for applying for a refund –

  • Go to the official website of Qatar Airways and from the top click on the option of “Manage my trips”.
  • From the drop-down menu click on the option of my trips and from that click to request a cancellation or refund option.
  • Begin with the process of canceling your flight.
  • Then at the “Review and Cancel page”, you will find the option of refund, click on it.
  • If you are eligible then the airways along with the cancel confirmation will notify you regarding the same.
  • Refund process might take 3-4 working days.

If you are still wondering “How do I get a refund from Qatar Airways?” then you can also contact Qatar Airways customer service support. The live person will make sure to assist you will the steps of refund and make sure you get it as soon as possible.

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