How do I get assistance with United Airlines?


Ways to Get Assistance with United Airlines

United Airlines’ services are widely known for their flexibility and passenger-oriented nature. If you are making a reservation for your flight with United Airlines and are stuck at something and wondering, How do I get assistance with United Airlines? If you have any senior citizens along with you and require special assistance to avoid any, the following is the discussion to get assistance with United Airlines. Have a look:

To make a journey for passengers remarkable and hassle-free, United Airlines provides special assistance, and surprisingly, unlike other airlines, it charges no cost to provide special assistance. Below are the steps to request special assistance on United Airlines; please have a look at the ways:

Request Via Call 

If you want to request special assistance, you can contact our Accessibility Desk at  United Airlines special assistance number 1-800-228-2744 or 1-601-864-8331 (U.S. or Canada). There will be different IVR options based on various special assistance. Please make sure to opt for on the basis of your required assistance from the airlines, have a look:

How do I request special assistance on United airlines? 

  • United Airlines special assistance phone number 1-800-228-2744 / 1-601-864-8331 (U.S. or Canada)
  • Press 1 to book wheelchair assistance. 
  • Press 2 to provide an ambulance facility. 
  • Press 3 if you are traveling with your pet. 
  • Press # to talk to the customer executive.
  • Press * for other options. (you can choose based on your required special assistance, and you may have to incur additional fare to have assistance.)

Request Via Official Website

There is a different method by which you can request special assistance from the airlines, and in this way, you can skip any trouble that may arise all of a sudden when you reach the airport. So, you are suggested to go through the points that are mentioned below, have a glance:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines in order to begin the process.
  • Then, you have to locate and tap on the option of Special Assistance, where you will find all the information.
  • Once you tap on it, you have to choose either of the options, bringing your wheelchair or you require a wheelchair from the airline. 
  • If you want wheelchair assistance, select the type of wheelchair (for instance, Manual, Aisle, or Onboard Wheelchair.) 
  • And once you select that, you will be offered special assistance once you arrive at the airport. (make sure to inform the airlines before reaching the airport, so you get special assistance without any delay and appropriately.)

Request at the Airport. 

Suppose you have arrived at the airport, and you realize you have to make a special assistance request for one of your family members as they are older; so you can also get special assistance either by calling on United Airlines special assistance number 1-800-228-2744 or you can visit the customer support desk available at the airport who will provide you special assistance so you can continue with your traveling without any issue, and can make a trip remarkable. 

Unlike other airlines, United Airlines either does not charge or charges a very minimal fee from the passengers to get special assistance because the main motive of the airline is to provide passengers with hassle-free services. Hence, they become frequent fliers. 

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