How do I get in touch with Loganair?


Loganair is a regional Scottish Airline which started operations in 1962. The Airline with a huge fleet size of 40 plus Airlines connects the passenger to around 44 different destinations. It has its Hub situated in Glasgow Airport, and the secondary hubs consist of Aberdeen, Norwich and Newcastle.

Passengers can book the flight by se;ecting the destination and flying dates on the original website. The Airline provides a first class customer service to its customers. It has first class Cabin and the best staff service, despite the first class facilities provided by the airline, passengers face issues and queries regarding the flight reservation policy, cancellation policy, refunds process and more. In this you will see How do I get in touch with Loganair in multiple ways.

Let's check out How do I get in touch with Loganair:

The passenger can easily get in touch with the Loganair customer service in different ways, through these ways you can easily speak to a live person at Loganair. For that you can follow the beneath options:

Quick Ways To Contact Loganair Customer Services (phone, email, chat)

Through Phone Number: While making the reservation if you face any issues, you can easily contact the live person by customer service phone number

  • Dial the phone number of Loganair which is from within the UK, use this number +441416429407.
  • As you call on these you will be redirected to customer service team or a live person of the team, then you have to wait for sometimes to get connected with the live representative.
  • When you get connected with the Loganair representative, you can tell him all your concerns might be facing while making the reservation.
  • The timing of the phone call is from Monday to Friday, an saturday: 8:00 TO 12:00

Through the Email: customer service team of the airline can also be contacted by just dropping an email on the official airline email address. The passenger can get the email address from the airline website, after finding the email the passenger can compose the email by writing all the details and concerns. After reviewing your mail the customer service team will definitely get back to you.

Through social media platforms: the passenger can also get in touch with the live person by writing the queries on the social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Through FAQ section: you can also get in touch with Loganair by going through the official website FAQs option. In this section there are questions with the specified answers, passengers can go through them or can also search the query on their own.

As we have discussed how to Get in touch with Loganair in different ways. The availability of the email service given by the airline remains 24/7 in service. Customers can get professional help in clearing doubts and queries.

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