How do I get my money back from an airline?


Do you want to know the ways to get back the money from an airline and the rules to receive a refund for cancelled flights? Well, most of the airlines provide the refund to the passengers through a similar mode which is used during booking. Moreover, airlines also provide the refund to the passengers whose flight got cancelled depending on certain rules. You can get more precise information about the refund services of airlines from below.

How to get back your refund money from airlines?

If you are thinking that how do I get my money back from an airline then you can collect the details about the ways for it as discussed below.

  • You will get back your money in the original payment mode which is used at the time of booking flight tickets after successfully submitting your refund request to the associated airline.
  • To get your money back from an airline you need to contact the reservations center or simply visit the website to request your refund from them.
  • In case you have booked the flight ticket through online travel agency then you have to contact them regarding getting back your money.

How do I get my money back if my flight is Cancelled?

Step to receive a refund if your flight got cancelled

In the event, you flight is cancelled and you are wondering that how can I get my money back from an airline ticket, then you can learn the rules followed by the airlines from below.

  • Usually, the airline immediately rebook you on a different flight when your flight is cancelled depending on the availability. If you are not comfortable with the arrangement you can request a refund from them.
  • According to the policy of airlines the passengers are entitled to receive a full refund for the unused portion flight ticket after it got cancelled.
  • The refund is provided by the airlines to the passengers in the original mode of the transaction once their flight is cancelled.
  • A few airlines might choose to provide a refund for a cancelled flight ticket to the passengers in the form of future travel voucher which they can use for a new booking later.

Moreover, you can also contact the customer care department of the associated airline to know more details about the ways they provide a refund to the passengers. You can also collect information from an individual airline regarding their policy to provide refund to the passengers in the event their flight is cancelled due to some reasons.

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