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 How do I select my seats on Delta?

Are you looking forward to the most comfortable and beautiful journey? Well, you cannot ignore the seat selection. Every airline today allows you to make seat selections during the booking. Besides, airlines like Delta let you reserve the desired seat even after booking. In case you doubt: How do I select my seats on Delta? It's pretty simple. You can choose the desired seat online and offline by calling the delta representative. Moreover, you can check out the steps below for a better understanding.

Simple ways to select seats on Delta 

  • Visit the official website of Delta 
  • On the homepage, you need to locate the My Trip section to access the booking details
  • Go to the "Manage my Booking" option and enter the confirmation number and last name to retrieve the booking 
  • Now highlight the reservation you want to select the seat for and click on the 'change flight 'button 
  • Then click on the seat selection button from the drop-down list 
  • You will find a seat map on the screen from where you have to select the desired seat 
  • Remember that seat selection is subjected to availability; once done, go to the payment page 
  • Follow the instruction, and you can successfully select your desired seat on Delta 
  • As soon as your seat selection is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline 

 In addition to the above online procedure, you can contact the Delta representative to make your seat reservation. You can contact the agent over the phone or send an email directly. Besides, let's check out the seat selection policy of Delta to avoid any hassle and inconvenience.

Delta airlines seat selection policy. 

Delta one seat: While flying on Delta, Delta one seat is considered the most luxurious and comfortable seat. With single beds for each passenger, it mainly operates on international routes. Per the delta seat selection policy, the cost of these seats varies depending on destination and other factors.

Delta premium seat selection: The seat is available for selected routes on an international flight. Besides, you also get the best quality meal if you fly on Delta on 
selected premium seats.
Delta first-class seat: The seat is available on domestic and international flights. The price for first-class seat selection depends on your flight's destination and route. You get freshly served meals, personal service, and amenities from the airline.

Comfort seats: As per the seat selection policy, you get extra to stretch your seats if you opt for comfort seats.

The seat selection is applicable for those who book their ticket seven days before departure. Besides, the airline will assign you free seats before departure if you don't make an advance seat selection. 

Seat selection in the Basic economy doesn't guarantee a seat next to your companion or in the same cabin. It is subject to the availability and decision of the airline.

Delta airlines seat selection fee

The seat selection fee in Delta starts from $ 10 and goes up as per the days left before departure and route type. You can speak to the delta agent directly to know the exact seat selection cost in your case.

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