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How do I use a Ryanair refund voucher?


Use the Ryanair refund voucher

The airlines provide refund vouchers to their passengers if they cancel the flight or if the flight is canceled by the airlines. Passengers can also purchase the voucher from the official website of the airlines and book the flight; by using the voucher, the passenger will get many facilities like they can get offers, extra legroom for the seat, and make changes in the bookings free of cost. If the passenger is traveling with Ryanair, the passenger can benefit from early booking deals, and the passenger can also get the voucher. If you want to know the detailed information about the Ryanair flight voucher, you need to read below.

The passenger can do things by using the vouchers are given below

  • Make the booking of the flight
  • Make a change in the date
  • Make a change in the flight
  • To add extra luggage
  • Free lounge excess
  • Upgrade the flight
  • Renew purchase transfer

Way to get the voucher from Ryanair are mentioned below.

Via phone call: You can purchase the Ryanair voucher by connecting to their official representative by phone. If you want to purchase the voucher form by making a phone call, you have to go to the website of Ryanair and then open the section on deals, offers, and vouchers. Next, If you already have an account, it is good, but if you do not have an account, make it. Now you need to click to purchase a voucher. After this, you need to mention the country's name with a code, and a number will come on the screen, make a call to that number, press the key when a suitable language comes, and follow the IVR instructions.

  • Press 1 to connect with a representative
  • Press 2 to transfer the voucher
  • Press 3 to know about miles
  • Press 4 for deals and offers
  • Press 5 to redeem a voucher
  • Press 6 to renew the voucher
  • Press 7 to go back menu
  • Select the suitable option according to your query and get the voucher.

How do I use a Ryanair voucher?

The steps you need to follow to book the flight using the voucher are below.

  • Visit the official website of Ryanair airlines in a web browser.
  • Next, you have to click to make new bookings from the screen.
  • You have to fill out the passenger's name, contact number, and registered email id.
  • Further, fill out the destination and departure airport names in the given space.
  • After this, you need to mention the date of going and if it is a round trip, then mention the date of coming back.
  • Now seat selection tab will open to see the economy, business, and premium class seats you need to select any type.
  • Next, fill out if you want to add something to your bookings like facilities for disabled passengers, children, etc.
  • Now open the payment section to see options like vouchers, credit cards, or other online options—select the voucher option.
  • Last you need to fill out the voucher code in the mentioned place and confirm the bookings, and then you will get a confirmation message of bookings the flight by using the voucher.

How long is my Ryanair voucher valid for?

The limit of the voucher of Ryanair is valid for one year from the purchasing date or allowing date. Passengers can renew the voucher if they do not use it, but if the passenger uses half of the voucher amount, they cannot refund that voucher.

The earlier mentioned statements will provide you with information about the use a Ryanair refund voucher if you still find any issue related to the voucher; if any concerns remain unsolved, you can also contact the official representative of Ryanair.

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