How long does Lufthansa take for a refund?


Lufthansa refund request 24 hours

Lufthansa flyers who had to cancel their reservations can feel relief as the airline allows cancelation and refunds in various scenarios. Considering the high prices of even basic airfare, getting a refund is always the highest priority. One can go through the refund policies and, like the Lufthansa refund request 24 hours to know how to get a full refund after a Lufthansa flight cancelation.

Lufthansa refund Policy

  • A complete refund will be processed for all Lufthansa ticket cancelations within 24 hours of their booking, irrespective of the ticket type, provided the bookings were made at least one week earlier than the scheduled flight takeoff.
  • Only refundable tickets are eligible for refunds after 24 hours from the booking, and the final refund will be the total price of the ticket minus the cancelation penalties.
  • Nonrefundable tickets are not eligible for any refund except the charges paid as government taxes.
  • Partially used refundable tickets can claim refunds on the unused part of the ticket itinerary.
  • No shows or cancelations in the last 24 hours to the scheduled flight takeoff are exempt from having any refunds.
  • Involuntary refunds where the airline delayed or canceled the flight will allow every ticket holder to get a complete refund on their ticket prices.
  • Those who bought the ticket from a third-party source will have to get in touch with the same source to get the flight canceled and have a refund on it.

How to get a refund from Lufthansa?

The Lufthansa website has either the refund form option or the “My bookings” option to raise a refund. According to the Lufthansa refund policy, if the flight is already canceled, one can fill out the refund form at the bottom of the Lufthansa homepage and submit it through the website. Otherwise, those who still have to cancel the flight can follow the following procedure after getting on the Lufthansa homepage.

  • Click on “My Bookings” and search for the reservation using its details as prompted by the browser.
  • Next, click on “Cancel” and continue to confirm the cancelation.
  • Pay the charges if any are prompted by the webpage and click on the refund request link to start the refund process.
  • An email will signify successful cancelation and have the refund request link if the said person is eligible.

How long does Lufthansa take to give refunds?

Those who wonder, “How long does it take Lufthansa to refund?” Lufthansa has a refund processing period of 7-21 days for all modes of payment, except those who employed a credit or debit card for the payments, as they can get a quicker refund within 7-10 days. The refund is processed in the original currency and will be reflected in the original bank account.

One can call the Lufthansa customer service for further assistance on any query related to Lufthansa cancelation and refunds.

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