how to buy spirit airlines cheaper tickets at airport


Spirit airlines is one of the cheapest airline service. Though the leg space is less, there are no free food, snacks and beverages , less space for inside flight luggage and few times there are flight delays. So what? If for a little discomfort, the traveling cost is very less of just half of the price, there is no harm in booking a one. 

Yes ! Spirit airlines provides more cheaper tickets at the airport. If you buy the last minute flight ticket from the airport, you can save at least $ 19 per ticket and that means a lot. The technicality behind this is related to the tax policy of the airline service. Though it is possible that user have to go through other charges like :
  • Pay for the bags at the time you purchase the ticket from the airport counter. Or else, bags checked at gates are charged higher.
  • Spirit airline charges for seat of your choice ! 
  • There may be a extra checking for booking the ticket on the spot from airport counter as usually people book the ticket in advance.
Call at the spirit airlines reservation phone number if there are any issues or queries regarding the booking and cancellations of the tickets and tax policies.
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