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Get Your Preferred Seat At Iberia Flight 

If you are booking a flight ticket on an Iberia plane with your family and friends, then you must want to be seated together. In some cases, the passengers get different seats if they skip the Iberia seat selection process. Each passenger can choose a preferred seat online while booking the flight ticket at Iberia. While purchasing the flight ticket from the website or mobile app, consider the seat selection option, so you do not end up in a random seat.

How do I get seats on Iberia?

In case you skipped the seat selection while purchasing the flight ticket but now want to avoid ending up in a random seat, then do not worry, as you still have a chance to get a preferred seat on the flight till your flight boards. Options to select a seat after the reservation are:

  • Manage Booking: it is an online option that a passenger can use after making their reservation.
  • Web check-in: While obtaining the boarding pass, one can select a seat along with the check-in process. The online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight’s departure and closes 1 hour before the departing time.
  • Airport Desk: one can request the official at the airport for Iberia seat selection before the departure of the flight by paying the administration fee.

How do I select seats on Iberia Airlines? 

If you want to know the process to select a seat on an Iberia flight from the various options, below you will find those processes to get a preferred seat on your flight:

Through Manage Booking:

  • Go to the Iberia website,
  • Click the “Your Flights” tab,
  • Tap the “Manage your booking” option,
  • Log In or put flight details to get your itinerary,
  • Choose the seat selection option,
  • Pick a seat on the appeared map,
  • Pay for the seat selection at Iberia and confirm your seat.

Through web check-in:

  • Visit the Iberia’s page,
  • Click the “Your Flights” tab and then the “Online Check-In” option,
  • Enter your flight details to view your bookings,
  • Choose the flight ticket and opt for the seat selection option,
  • Pick the seat from availability and pay the charges,
  • Then complete the check-in for your flight.

Through Airport Desk:

You can ask for a seat at the Iberia airport desk during your flight check-in. The representative will check out the availability and let you know. You will get the option of choosing a seat within a few minutes and can book the most suitable one at the same time. Pay the administration charge, and the official will assign you your preferred seat.

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