Is Frontier Airlines a good airline?


Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. It operates flights to 77 destinations throughout the United States as an affiliate of Indigo Partners, LLC. Denver International Airport serves as Frontier Airlines' primary hub. Its fleet includes 57 new Airbus A319-100, Airbus A319neo, Airbus A320-200, and Airbus A320neo aircraft. Is Frontier Airlines a good airline to fly? All aircraft are outfitted with excellent seating and in-flight passenger services. There is plenty of legroom and space in both seats and cabins. Within aircraft, in-flight entertainment facilities are available for all passenger classes.

Frontier Airlines offers online flight booking for both domestic and foreign flights. Cheap airline tickets can be purchased directly from the airline's website or from a variety of online travel agencies. The easiest way to find a cheap flight is to book it online. There are a number of other benefits to booking flights online, such as access to flight schedules and status updates.

Is Frontier a Good Airline for Families?

Is Frontier Airlines a good airline? Frontier is an airline to consider if you're traveling as a family and want to pay for seat assignments. Families with small children can also take heart: a stroller and car seat can be checked for free while traveling with a child.

If you sign up for Frontier's Discount Den program (details below), you'll be able to take advantage of the Kids Fly Free feature, which allows one child (age 14 or under) to travel for free for any adult who qualifies Discount Den fare has been ordered.

Since airfare rates (for all airfares) fluctuate regularly, you should suggest pricing tickets for multiple passengers at both regular and Discount Den fares. The Discount Den fare does not guarantee that it will always be a better price.

Frontier Airlines: How Secure Is It?

Is Frontier a safe airline? In its quarter-century of service, Frontier has never had a fatal plane crash.

While there is no official ranking of airlines based on safety, the website included Frontier on its Top 10 Safest Low-Cost Airlines list for 2021.

Is there a fee for Frontier's seat assignments?

If you've bought a packaged fare through The Works or The Perks, Frontier charges for seat allocations during the booking process.

If you don't pay to pick a seat when making your reservation, Frontier will do so for free at check-in (don't count on sitting next to family).

Seats are divided into two categories: Standard and Stretch. The following are the seat assignment prices for a one-way flight, which vary depending on the plane's location:

  • Standard Seating: These seats range in price from $17 to $55.
  • Stretch Seating: These seats cost $35-$70 and have an additional 5-7 inches of legroom.

You get just what you pay for.

While Frontier is an ultra-low-cost carrier, it remains a viable airline choice for me. We will advise you to be prepared ahead of time and receive exactly what you expected from your flights.

One of the things that struck us about Frontier was that everyone provided outstanding customer service and went out of their way to make their customers feel at ease. The flight attendants were extremely pleasant and did their best to please as many passengers as possible.

Research well before booking:

It's important for people to do their homework before purchasing a ticket to make sure they're happy with what they're getting. If Frontier doesn't seem to be a good match, it's probably worth spending a little more elsewhere to get the amenities you want.


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