KLM Flight Change Policy


KLM flight change policy

  • Travelers can change their tickets within 24 hours of the ticket purchase and without a cost. Only fare difference applies to you. 
  • Suppose your new ticket is less compared to the earlier ticket reserved. You are given a refund of that ticket amount.
  • For tickets purchased via a travel agency, there is a cost you have to pay. After that, KLM can make changes to your ticket, cost is $35, which you must pay.

Steps to change KLM flight

  • First, you have to put the URL of the KLM website. 
  • After this page, you must click on manage my trips and provide your PNR and your last name. You can access the ticket after that.
  • You must click on change, make the change you want for your ticket, follow the steps and complete this process.
  • A confirmation is sent to you regarding the changes that you have recently made to your ticket. 

Via offline way 

You can make changes to your ticket using the offline process. You need to reach out to the reservation of KLM; you can ring 1-800-618-0104 and tell them that you want to change your ticket; you have to tell them your pnr and your last name and tell them what changes you want in your ticket.

What is the cost of KLM ticket change?

Ticket holders must know that after the free window of change is over, you have to pay a cost to make changes to your ticket and that amount is $150 to $200, varying per your travel class and itinerary of your travel.

KLM travelers can make changes using a policy of change and following one of the explained processes or making changes to their ticket to make these changes without fee of change; however, there is a cancelation price for making changes after a free period of the window per policy.

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