Norwegian Airlines Reservations


Norwegian Airlines is the national airline of Norway with its headquarters In Oslo. Started in 1933, Norwegian Airlines started with domestic flight services but today it offers direct flights to the rest of the world too. The most popular destinations of the Norwegian Airline are London, Newyork, Copenhagen, and much more.

The services of the Norwegian Airlines

If you wish to travel by this airline then you have to know about all the services offered once you make Norwegian Airline Reservations. To find out all those services in detail, you can go through the following points.

Types of services offered onboard

  • Types of seats :- Norwegian Airlines offers low-cost flights in all classes such as economy, premium economy, and business class. You can book flights in any of these classes.
  • In-flight entertainment :- You can watch movies or Tv series on the screen beside your seat on the flight and enjoy your journey.
  • Wi-Fi :- Usually, passengers are not allowed to turn on their phones on the flight but if you wish, you can connect your device with the flight's wifi connection.
  • Baggage :- For boarding flight of Norwegian Airlines, you can carry luggage up to 10 kgs with a handbag for free. For more details, you can check the baggage section.
  • Check-in policy :- You can check-in before the flight takes off at least 24 hours before the departure. You can check in both online and offline mediums.
  • Onboard meals:- While booking flights in Norwegian Airlines, you can also select your meals and drinks accordingly.
  • Seat selection :- If you wish, you can pick your seats and hence travel on your preferred seats.
  • Pet Policy:- If you want to travel with your pet then you can book flights with Norwegian Airlines to take your pets along.

Norwegian Air Reservations

How to book flights in the Norwegian Airlines

For making the Norwegian Airlines Reservations, you can choose any one method of reservation and hence follow the steps required.

  • Open the official website of your airline and tap on the flight link. Under the flight link, you will find a booking pop up.
  • In the booking section, you can fill up all the flight details. Choose the city you wish to travel to and from where.
  • Confirm the traveling date and returning date and also pick the payment option. You can select a payment method from cash, card, and miles. If you have any unused travel voucher then you can use it for paying in a new booking.
  • Once you have filled all the flight details, you can tap on the search option and try to choose one flight for the booking, and you are done.

Norwegian Airlines Flight Booking

If you are not able to book a flight online then you can call on the Norwegian airlines reservations number and request the airline staff to make your Norwegian Airlines reservations. All you have to do is provide your details and confirm the payment.

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