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Before boarding flights in a new airline, there are a few things that every passenger needs to know about the airline. For example, if you are willing to book flights with Turkish Airlines then there are a few things that every passenger should be aware of. To find what, read this blog.

About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the oldest airlines situated in Turkey and you can easily connect with the rest of the world and you can easily get flights at a reasonable price. Turkish Airlines flies to more than 300 destinations and America is that continent where Turkish Airlines flies to most of the cities and countries. And you can easily get quite economical fares for the Turkish Airlines reservations.

Turkish Airlines Flight Booking

To make the Turkish Airlines reservations, you can pick the online or the offline reservation process and get your bookings confirmed.

Steps to book flights online

  • To book flights with Turkish Airlines, go to the website of the airline and then tap on the booking option and then fill out all the details correctly.
  • First of all decide the destination where you want to travel and from which city. You can also select the date of traveling and returning.
  • You can mention if you are making one way flight trip or two way flight journey. You can even choose to travel multicity. You can also pick the mode of the flight payment as how you want to pay off the flight. Pick from the option of cash, card or miles.
  • Tap on the option how many people are traveling or pick the seats of your choice on which you want to travel.
  • You can also use the discount vouchers if you have any to fetch the flight discount on the flight.
  • Once you have filled all the flight details and then tap on the search option and then find about the flights available. Pick one flight from the list and then confirm the bookings to confirm.

Baggage Allowances

Apart from the normal Turkish Airlines reservations, there are different baggage policies for the amount of bags you are carrying on the flight. You can carry weight up to 32 kgs of bags on the flight free of cost. In case you carry bags of more than 32 kgs then you have to pay for the extra luggage. Also if you carry food items in your luggage then make sure you are not carrying any prohibited item.

Turkish Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

Sometimes people who are traveling with Turkish airlines also face issues related to the bookings. And if there is any doubt popping in your head then you can contact the Turkish Airlines phone number. You can call on the Turkish Airlines reservations number 24x7 and get updates on your bookings.

You can call on the Turkish Airlines phone number, every time you face issues with your bookings. You can also contact the Turkish Airlines customer service phone number team with the help of email, live chat, or social media. And till your doubts are not cleared, you can contact the team anytime.




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