What are the cheapest days to fly Southwest?


Cheapest days to fly on Southwest Airlines

Want to travel without spending too much for a flight ticket? Then stop wondering, make your southwest Airlines bookings and pamper yourself with leisure and a comfortable trip. Southwest airlines have been a leading airline which serves low cost flights to both domestic and international destinations.

Anybody trying to book a last minute ticket on southwest airlines or any major airline knows that costs are often prohibitive. In the southwest, the cost from destination to destination fluctuates between $350 and $600, which is common.

Which days are the best to fly on Southwest?

Check for Tuesday Deals

South Airlines usually submits its signature click ‘N’ to save the transactions once a week at 8 pm on Monday evening. Eastern domestic Air ticket allocation domestic air ticket allocations at 10 am, and pm, every weekend. The price hit southwest Airlines booking early on Tuesday morning.

Where to Find Southwest Airfares

Southwest recently flies to more than 90 destinations in the U.S. Mexico and Caribbean but if you want to purchase tickets on the popular Airline, you must go to Southwest’s official website to check, cheapest days of the week to fly Southwest;

TIP: Do not pay for that Southwest ticket until you compare prices with different airlines, because no airline including Southwest always has the best deal basically You have to compare first.

Southwest Low Fare Calendar

While booking a flight you may think What are the cheapest days to fly Southwest? then you better look for a deal on Tuesday. Southwest generally flies its signature deals once a week late Monday night around 8 pm. Domestic airfare distributions work each weekday; this price then hits the southwest booking system in the early morning of Tuesday.

TIP: Southwest fares, like those of other airlines may be limited to specific routes and certain travel days, plus they are always limited in number. If you love what you hear about a ticket sale, then hurry up (but don’t forget to compare fares before you ding your credit card).

How to Stay on Top of Sales

One way is to stay on top of airfare deals is to follow Southwest on different social media platforms.

TIP: Learn about the cheapest deals for specific routes in real-time by signing in for airline airfare alerts. It’s fast, it’s free. Then, if you like what you see, respond quickly because good deals do not last long.

How to Find the Best Southwest Deals

Southwest knows they have got a rabid following. That is why they don’t sell their flights via OTAs or let people search for them elsewhere. You can only find Southwest flights on their official website.

That is unfortunate, as it makes it harder to compare between Southwest and other airlines. That is by design: Southwest hopes their reputation as a budget Airline with free bags and no change fees drives customers straight to their official website. In reality, Southwest airlines often charge the same as different airlines, if not a bit more.

But that does not mean you can’t get the best deal while flying to Southwest. Quite the opposite. And the Southwest Low Fare Calendar is how it works.

Bottom Line

The best time to purchase tickets on Southwest varies a little, In general the rule of thumb is to buy a Southwest airlines cheap flights ticket on Tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern time, when the airline has matched other airline airfare. And do set your airfare alerts because sometimes deals come out of nowhere, it can pay off huge to be ready for them.

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