What happens if you miss your connecting flight Etihad?


Etihad Missed Flight

You missed an Etihad flight after arriving late at the airport to take an Etihad Airlines flight. Due to this, you feel tense because you don’t know what happened. For this reason, you are thinking about now What happens if you miss your connecting flight Etihad? So, don’t worry about it because you will see what happens next. For this, you must go through it. 

  • The airline does not cancel flights and offers partial refunds to passengers who have used up a portion of their travel time. You are entitled to a refund if you lose your Etihad Airways flight.
  • You need the airline to transport you and will reimburse the cost of your ticket. You can kindly ask for cash, a direct bank transfer, or a travel voucher refund when you have a valid itinerary.
  • You can request a ticket refund if you miss your Etihad Airways flight. Tickets purchased at the time of purchase are reimbursable and accurate for one year.
  • Domestic flights are reimbursable, but if you miss your Etihad Airways flight, you must pay the missed penalty. 

What happens if you miss your flight from Etihad

  • Here you will see Etihad missed flight policy which will help you get more information about the missed flight on Etihad Airlines.
  • Moreover, if you missed your Etihad flight, you are eligible to request getting back your money back from the airline. You must complete the refund request form within 4 to 5 hours of missing the flight. 
  • In addition, Etihad Airlines provide the flight change free of cost or cancels the flight if the flight is delayed from up to 2 or 3 hours of departing time.
  • When you are late to catch the flight on Etihad Airlines, you must pay the charges for getting delayed in taking the flight.
  • You will receive 100% money back from Etihad Airlines when you have the full ticket, unused flight coupon, and the full essential details.

How will I rebook my flight on Etihad Airlines?

To rebook the Etihad Airlines flight, you need to cancel your previous flight, and then you are eligible to rebook your flight with Etihad Airlines. So, there you will find the process of rebooking the Etihad Airlines flight. 

  • Search the Etihad Airlines on your browser
  • Enter your reservation or confirmation number and your last name under my trip section. 
  • Then, move to cancel your Etihad Airlines flight and click on the button of rebooking option.
  • Then, it is required to enter the flying date, time & arrival date, and time.
  • Send the amount of rebooking the flight on the Etihad Airlines.
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