What happens if you miss your flight Spirit?


Stuck in traffic and missed your Spirit Airlines flight? Do not worry, as the missed flight policy at Spirit Airlines has your cover. The Spirit Airlines missed flight policy ensures their passengers to provide complete assistance on the missed flights. Here you will find all the relevant information about this policy.

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Due to its ultra-low ticket prices, Spirit Airlines is one of the most used airlines in the US. Spirit airlines provide many facilities to its passengers to make their traveling experience worthwhile. One of them is the missed flight policy for the passengers. So, if you are thinking about what happens if I miss my flight spirit airlines has a solution for it.

What Happens if I Miss My Flight on Spirit?

According to the policy: 1-802-618-6067

  • If the passengers, due to any reasons, miss the flight, Spirit Airlines let them stand-by.
  • If the passengers are present at the airport within two hours of their missing flight time, then the airlines will accommodate the passengers into some other flight.
  • For getting placed in some other flight by Spirit Airlines, the passengers need to pay the missed flight fee to the airlines.

How can you avail the policy?

  • Contact the customer care center and inform them about the missing flight.
  • If you are still not at the airport, try calling Spirit Airlines and notify them about the issue.

How to avoid missing your flight?

  • Try to be punctual. Leave for the airport accordingly to make it for the flight.
  • Be aware of the traffic and routes.
  • Even if you know you can not make it for the flight, try to reach the airport as soon as possible. Sometimes, the luck is with you, and your flight might delay.

Problems can happen to anyone, anytime. Sometimes, some situations are not in your hands. Missing a flight can be one of them. However, with Spirit Airlines missed flight policy, you can overcome this situation. Nobody wants to end up in this situation. However, if you do, the missed flight policy might help.

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