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Aeromexico web check in policy

Aeromexico is one of the best airlines in Mexico, and it operates to more than 90 destinations in Mexico, North, South, and Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. The airline provides multiple channels for the customers to check in for the flight with ease at their own convenience. As a customer, you have to be aware of the check-in policy at Aeromexico in order to check in without any problems. You must go through the information here if you want to check in for your flight, and you can also find the check-in policy of the airline.

The Aeromexico web check in process is simple, and you can save time at the airport by checking in online. You can check in as early as 24 hours before the scheduled departure, depending on your convenience. You can follow the steps below to check in online. 

Aeromexico web check in process

  • You have to open the page - and click “check-in “
  • Enter your last name and the booking reference or the ticket number to retrieve the booking.
  • You have to select the passenger and the flight segment you would like to check in for.
  • A seat selection can be made at this point from the seats that are available to be occupied.
  • The check-in will be completed, and you will get the option to print, download and email the boarding pass.

What are the alternate ways to check in with Aeromexico?

There are alternate ways to check in with Aeromexico if you do not want to check in online using the official website. You can choose to check in via the mobile app or at the check-in counters at the airport by speaking to a customer service agent and giving your booking details, like your booking reference and last name.

Once you are aware of the check-in process, it will come in handy to be aware of the check-in policy at Aeromexico so that the check-in can be completed smoothly. The check-in policy is given below.

  • For international flights, you can check in 24 hours before scheduled departure.
  • If you have purchased a seat in advance, the online check-in starts 60 days prior to the scheduled departure.
  • If you check in between 24 hours and 2 hours before scheduled departure, you will be eligible to get a free seat assignment.
  • You cannot check-in online if there are only 2 hours left for the scheduled departure.
  • If you have already checked in, you cannot make changes to the flight booking, like a date change or flight change. According to Aeromexico web check in policy, you have to cancel the check-in by speaking to a customer service agent.
  • For flight booking made through a travel agency, you must call the customer service number to check-in.
  • If a flight booking is made through a sales channel different from Aeromexico, you may have to verify yourself so that you can check in without any issues. You will be required to complete the verification process 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure, and you will be charged a fee of 35$.
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