KLM Web Check In


Suppose you have a flight to board at KLM Airlines and to save time from the long queues, you like to do the KLM web check in. In this case, you must consider reading the policies and learning about the terms and conditions so that no issue will occur at the boarding time. Further, you will learn those web check-in policies and the check in procedure. 

KLM Web Check-In Policy

The policies that are endorsed for the web check-in at KLM are written below:

  • A person can do multiple check-ins through the web. The maximum number of web check-in is up to 9 passengers.
  • The web check-in starts 24 hours from the departure time and closes 1 hour prior to departure.
  • The web check-in does not cost passengers any additional charges.
  • The passengers included additional services to their KLM flight cannot check in through the web. 
  • A passenger traveling with an infant is also not allowed for the web check-in.
  • If a passenger has purchased a flight ticket through a third party, they must check in at the airport rather than online. 
  • Passengers could select their preferred seat at the time of web check-in. The seat selection charges will apply. 
  • If passengers require special assistance, they can also add the assistance to their flight during web check-in. 
  • A KLM passenger who has obtained their boarding pass through web check-in has not required to take the print of the boarding pass. They can show the pass on their device at the airport security check in point. 

KLM Web Check-In Process

If you are wondering how you can complete your check-in through the web, below is the step-by-step process: 

  • Visit the KLM homepage on your browser,
  • Select the Check-In option on the homepage bar,
  • Fill out the KLM flight ticket details on the provided space,
  • Then tap the button “check-in,”
  • You will get the additional step for adding assistance or selecting a seat,
  • Go through with the steps if you require,
  • Or you may skip the additional steps and continue completing the check-in process,
  • Add the mandatory information and follow the instructions, 
  • After verifying your KLM web check-in will be completed, 
  • Then KLM will send you the boarding pass in your email.

Hence, if a person wants to do the web check-in for their KLM flight but is wondering about the process, the procedure has provided above. Make sure to check out the KLM web check in policy first and then follow the steps of the procedure. 

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